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Marketing in Russia and abroad Journal №1' 2007

Problems of value segmentation of Russian consumer market
E.V. Lukashova
Name for pelmeni (monitoring of associative and meaning consumer expectations)
K.I. Beloussov, N.L. Zelyanskaya

Analysis of factors influencing on the behaviour of the pharmaceutics' consumer

E.E. Bayeva
Research of use of face skin cosmetics (on example of Kemerovo town)
E.A. Tyschenko, M.S. Kurakin, N.V. Vassenina
Estimation of juices' price and quality perception in retail trade of Belarus
A.I. Erchak
Research of consumer behavior (в словарях как behaviour) and estimation of commercial activities of retail trade organizations of Tambov town
A.L. Denissova, N.V. Duzhenkova, N.V. Molotkova

Conception of "brand" and the role of brand in the companies' activities

R.D. Sadriyev
Brand as the way of development of assortment policy of Belarusian producers under the global competition
E.A. Hartman

Research of potential product price increasing on the basis of its competitive analysis

A.G. Malanichev

About the use of some status concepts in advertising

O.V. Inshakov, D.P. Frolov
Managing of advertising activities in Avtovaz
E.L. Zhitkova
About foreign participation in Federal wholesale fairs of goods and equipment of textile and light industries
K.V. Simonov
Image as the mean of formation of additional demand on the consumer product market
I.E. Belskikh

Passion for cyberspace

K.V. Skorodelov
Efficiency of internet marketing in business
V.S. Holik
Tourist's amalgamations in Internet
I.G. Seredinin

Interview with Leonid Axelrod, commercial director of Skit Company

Results of the forum "Integrated Marketing Communications: Theory and Practice 2006"

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