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Скачать в формате wordRequirements for materials submitted for consideration for publication.

Скачать в формате wordThe provisions for reviewing.

Requirements for materials submitted for consideration for publication in scientific journal "MARKETING IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD"

The editorial board asks prospective authors to pay attention to certain general conditions of acceptance of publications and technical requirements that apply to materials submitted for publication.

A. The conditions of admission of articles:
1. The presence of contact information about the author in the author's form (attachment a).
2. The fulfillment of technical requirements (see paragraph B).
3. The publication is free. Authors are paid royalties OR given a copy of the magazine article author (if the author of the contract concluded with the editors, and the decision of the editor).
4. The publication must have a scientific or practical orientation, to include authoring (quoting sources is permitted only with reference to the list of references)
Review articles – for 2 months.
Technical requirements:
1. When writing content you want to use Microsoft Office tools.
2. The structure of the article:
• Minimum size – 7 p., a maximum of 11 pages
• In the beginning of the article, the name (in Russian and English), below is the surname and initials of the author/authors with indication of place of work, position, if there is a scientific degree, title (also in Russian and English), contact information (email address), a brief summary (3-5 sentences in Russian and English), key words (in Russian and English).
• the paper must be given a list of literature (in Russian and English) from multiple sources, and the list must end the article; references in the text are given by numbers in square brackets.
• the page numbering is required.
3. The text (font - Times New Roman, 12, spacing 1, 5):
• before a period, comma and other punctuation marks is not preceded by a space;
• after the title and caption to the picture is not preceded by a space;
• a footnote reference is placed before the punctuation without a space.
4. Should closely follow the numbering of tables and figures, as well as the reference in the text.
5. Pictures:
• if the pictures are done in Word, they need to be grouped;
• in black and white, without shades (chart can be colored, but without a shadow);
• figure captions mandatory, black and white, without shades;
• it is advisable to send by e-mail not just a text file, but the source files of figures, if not in Word.
6. Formula:
• It is desirable to use the Mathtype editor. When using the Equation editor match fonts.
• typed in the same font as the main text, without an oily discharge;
• Latin letters in italics;
• Greek letters and numbers in italic and bold are not highlighted, use the normal font style
• on the text link to the formula.
7. When the article is not to exclude the letter "e"

The editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles and to reduce the material having the nature of advertising.

Annex A

The questionnaire of the author

Name (in full)*:
Date of birth*:
Academic degrees (if any)*:
The position / place of work / study*:
Passport* (number, series, and where the code is issued):
The number of the insurance pension certificate*:
TIN (if available):
Address (residence to send the log (s)*:
Address (passport, index)*:
* data necessary for making articles to the drafting Board
For further information contact the editorial office:
(Executive Secretary)
(499)148-8134, 148-9562

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