Contents of N3/2009

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Marketing theory and methodology

Evolution of Marketing Theory: A View from Russia
D. Kokurin, K. Nazin

Marketing tools

The features of the product life-cycle control model in the conditions of the competitive substitution
Silakov, V. Silakova, A. Silakov

Anti-crisis marketing

Research of consumers behaviour in crisis conditions
A. Demidov

Anti-crisis design
S. Topal

Round table «Marketing communications on non-growing markets»
T. Komissarova

Marketing communications

The principles of communication campaign’s budget formation in social sphere
N. Pletneva

Image of trade organization
I. Polyanskaya, L. Polyanskiy

Teaser-communication in advertising
S. Pashutin

Special features of communicative policy on the market of kids’ goods
M. Karpova

Color in teleproduct marketing
V. Gorchakova

Color technologies of advertising communication
D. Frolov

Corporate press as a tool of marketing
S. Kharlampieva


Partner contacts level as a factor of competitiveness
I. Gavrilov, N. Ivashchenko

Competition level research in Russian market of exposervice
K. Simonov

Product policy

The industrial approach to an estimation of a product policy of the industrial enterprises
A. Veselov

Internet marketing

Internet-version of the printed edition as platform for dialogue with auditorium
Y. Limareva, P. Limarev

Internet marketing at the time of crisis
А. Ovechkin

Marketing for non-productive sphere

Marketing management in a leasing company
S. Patcanov

Firm trade and marketing
A. Pilipuk

Master marketing

Special features of marketing education under risk of economic and financial crisis (by example of Russian-Germany MBA program)
O. Chashchapina


Business situations in marketing. 33 case studies
E. Golubkova, I. Shirochenskaya

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