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Method for detection of high-technology market niches
Tokarev B.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing,
State University of Management,
The article is offered an original method for detection high-technology market niches. The procedur for segmentation is based on macro- and microsegmentation. The last is realized by two-direction method from suggestion and from needs. The sequence of steps is described.
Key words: high-technology market, market niches, segmentation, macro segmentation, microsegmentation, suggestion, needs.

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The price as the basic marketing tool of the tourism enterprise in struggle for consumer preference of tourists
Volkov S.K., senior teacher of chair World economy and the economic theory, The Volgograd State Technical University,
E.A. Dryablova, student of department Economy and management, The Volgograd State Technical University,e-mail:
In the following article the consumer behavior in the market of tourist services is analyzed. The major factors influencing consumer preferences are allocated. It is drawn conclusion about the price is the basic tool of marketing strategy of the tourism enterprise in struggle for consumer preference of tourists.
Key words: consumer behavior, price, consumer preference, tourism enterprise

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Comparison of leasing conditions: how an enterprise should choice the optimal proposal
Boytemirov T.F., Director General of"UniastrumLeasing", Moscow,
This review presents the results of studies of the conditions of leasing, currently in the Russian market. Based on the results of the study provides recommendations for companies that will allow them to maximum effect use leasing financing.
Keywords: cost of leasing, appreciation, interest rate, payment schedule, early redemption, insurance, reliability lessor.


Purchasing management as a tool for sustainability of industrial enterprise in market environment
Pleshchenko V.I ,Ph.D. in Economics, FSUE Goznak, Head of department,
In this article the author describes the effects of internal and external environment for modern industrial enterprise in the form of various requirements for the implementation of the purchasing process. Shows how the organization and management of purchasing process contributes to increasing the economic potential of industrial enterprises, improve the sustainability of the market environment.
Keywords: purchasing, supply chain, industrial enterprise, relations with suppliers, transparency of purchasing, efficiency, competition.

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The influence of specificity of sea companies activity on choice of marketing communications
Botnaryuk M.V., Docent, Candidate of economic science, department of Economy and managementAdmiral Ushakov maritime state academy,
The article is devoted to the researching the question of optimization sea companies activity in the context of marketing communications. The influence of specificity of sea business on choice of conception of building personal contact with buyers on the market of ports services. Principals of making of effective communication process are offered by author.
Keywords: communication process, marketing communications, sea company, services market

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Problems of the Russian exhibition business
Kudryashova O.A., graduate studentof marketingREUthem. GVPlekhanov,
Russian exhibition business is actively developing. Achievements in science and information technologies make a good background for success development. Nevertheless, as any developing branch, the exhibition business is attended by some problems. The main of them are insufficient financing and weak legal support from the government, deficiency in high qualified staff. Nevertheless, in spite of existing problems, native exhibition activity in Russia consistently and steadily develops.
Keywords: exhibition business, display area, exhibition market, competition, information technologies.

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Extravagant marketing
Pashutin S.B., Candidate. biol.Science,
Often the ability to stay afloat provides a "staggering", and then simply a blasphemous ads.
Keywords: amazing advertising, extravagant creativity.

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The management of trade marketing on the enterprises of the regional alcohol sphere
Kareva E.S., post-graduate student of Marketing and Advertising Chair, in Rostov State University of Economics (former RINH), e-mail:
In clause the features of management of trade marketing in the modern economic conditions at the enterprises at the regional alcohol market are considered. The specificity of realization of trade marketing strategy at the alcohol market is revealed. The necessity of working out and introduction of the new forms of management of trade marketing management is proved.
Keywords:Trade marketing, management of marketing instruments, a regional alcohol market, trade marketing strategy, forms of management of trade marketing at the enterprises at the regional alcohol market.

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Marketing strategy of a contemporary art center (on the example of Loft Project in St.Petersburg)
Shekova E.L., PhD, Associate professor of the Graduate school of management, St. Petersburg state university,
An article explores a marketing strategy of nonprofit organization working in the field of contemporary arts. The competitive advantages and weaknesses of nonprofit organization are defined by applying different instruments of strategic and marketing analyses. One of the most successful centers of contemporary arts in St. Petersburg Loft Project is taken as an example.
Keywords: Loft project FLOORS, marketing concept.

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The essence and characteristics of educational service
Shevchenko O.M., a postgraduate student of the Marketing Department of the Pacific State Economic University.,
Abstract: In the article the author shows that in conditions of an increasingly dynamic of markets, of constant change of social-economic situation and rapid development of new technologies of particular importance is the understanding of the nature and characteristics of educational services. Unlike other types of services educational services are connected with the increased attention to the quality of education in terms of linking it to the needs of the country's economy in general. Introduction of a unified planning and management system for companies and the education system will considerably increase the efficiency of educational services.
Keywords: ducational service, public benefit, property, feature. use value.

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SWOT-analysis for Russian companies to entry Vietnamese telecommunication market
Shan Van Lin, businessanalyst"LLC hazeSentralFood",
Vietnamese telecommuncation market is very attractive for Russian companies to enter. The article provides a detailed analysis of Vietnamese telecommunication market. As the result, the SWOT analysis is considered.
Keywords: Russian companies, Vietnamese telecommunication market, SWOT-analysis, entry strategy

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Methodical support of management organization of industrial production promotion to the foreign markets
Petrosyan A.D., Ministry of the industry and trade of Russian Federation, the chief specialist expert of Department of foreign trade activity state regulation, Cand.Econ.Sci.,
Features of the organization of management by advancement of production of the industrial enterprise on the foreign regional markets are considered, the model of management by advancement of production of the industrial enterprise on the foreign regional markets is offered and techniques of the organization of management by industrial output advancement on the foreign markets are shortly described.
Keywords: The foreign regional markets, management of advancement of production, technique of the organization of management of industrial output advancement on the foreign markets

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Using internet technologies in international marketing
Golik V.S., Associate Professor ofMarketingBSEU, Minsk,
Golik S.I., k.Phys., associate professorGSUthem. Skaryna, Gomel
Using Internet Marketing helps enterprises conduct marketing research, promote its products in both domestic and foreign markets, find target customers. Substantiated application of Internet technologies enables to reduce costs on marketing arrangements and increase its efficiency. Internet marketing plays a great role in promotion of competitive products on foreign markets. It helps to contact wholesalers, resellers and individual consumers.
Keywords: Internet technology, international marketing, internet marketing, marketing research, Internet advertising, website, efficiency.

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Interview with Lukianichev O.A. chairman of commercial bank Industrial and financial cooperation
In the interview it considers formation of commercial bank Industrial and financial cooperation and problems of its development.
Keywords: commercial bank, capital, client, Paretos principle, loyalty program. competitor.


Developing PR-program for international consulting company operating on Russian market
Golubkova E.N.,
This paper considers case study concerning development short range PR-program for Accenture company, operating on Russian market from 1992. PR-campaign objectives, target audience and PR-campaign budget are determined. Also in this paper develops media plan.
Keywords: PR-campaign, PR-campaign objectives, target audience, PR-campaign budget, media planning.


List of dissertation on marketing defended in 2010 (2nd half-a-year). Part II
Limarev PV, senior lecturer in economics and marketing, GOU VPO Magnitogorsk State Technical University. GI Nosov, e-mail: lavrenty_p@mail.r

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