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Contents of N4/2013



Application of method SERVQUAL for the analysis and improving the service policy (on an example of open society Rostelecom, Kemerovo)
Shadrin V.G., Candidate of the economic sciences, Assistant professor, head of the department of economy ofKemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology,
Gneushev A.V., student Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, e-mail:

The article describes the methodology and results of the analysis of the service policy for further improvement of activity of the telecommunication companies. For the analysis of the quality of services used the technique of SERVQUAL, reviewed the terms of its practical implementation. Presents data on the indicators of the quality of services and their dynamics for three years.
Keywords: marketing, service, quality of service, the methodology SERVQUAL

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Diversification as basis of the long term sustainable development
Zimina T.V., Doctor of economics the Ural federal university, e-mail:
Merkushin A.V., The head of a department of marketing the closed joint-stock company of workers Turinskyi pulp-and-paper factory, e-mail: sbyt@tcbz.uraltc. ru

Modern progress of any manufacture is impossible without constant perfection of let out production, development of adjacent manufactures and an output on the new markets. It requires the careful and comprehensive account of demands of demand, especially in the fast-growing markets, possibilities of the manufacture and risks.
Keywords: diversification, SWOT- analysis, sanitary-and-hygienic products

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Retail distribution networks in the market of household appliances of Vladivostok
Nikulina T.A., Lecturer in Marketing , ommerce and logistics Department of
Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, e-mail:

Objective regularity of development of the consumer market is growth of a share of the network trading companies in retail trade. The network trading companies play a significant role as well in the market of household appliances and electronics. In article classification of retail trade enterprises and retail distribution networks on the market of household appliances of Vladivostok is given. Also in work the characteristic of retail distribution networks in the market of household appliances of Vladivostok is presented.

Keywords: market of household appliances and electronics, retail distribution networks

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Selling slogans
Benija M. I., The business trainer, coach, AMT-CONSULTING of groups,

The article analyzes The advertising impact on the consumer through slogans image and slogans-flattery. Data are presented of a study in the Moscow advertising firm. The conclusion is made about the irrationality of perception of advertising of the customer.
Keywords: advertising impact, slogan, image, flattery, efficiency, consumption, manipulation, advertising text, comfort, motive, market, mass media.

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About some modern tools of product promotion
Pashutin S.B., Dr.Sci.Biol., e-mail:

Consider such modern popular tools of product promotion as product placement and sponsorship. Article includes a lot of implementation examples of different products promotion in abroad and in Russia on the base of considering tools.
Keywords: marketing, product promotion, product placement, sponsorship, advertising, brend, celebrity persons, advertising agency, ethical mentality.



Achieving the competitive advantages on the base of business travel cost management
Salakhutdinov V.N., CEO at American Express Bank LLC, Country Manager of American Express in Russia

In article results of the research first in Russia in the field of business trips and the corporate expenses, spent by company Ernst and Young by request of American Express are considered. Heads of the large companies conducting activity in territory of the Russian Federation have taken part In it. Research reflects opinion of professional heads on prospects of the Russian business, a role of business travel in its development and the approach to optimisation of corporate expenses. Also in article the comparative analysis of tools of optimisation existing for today in the field of business tourism is resulted.
Keywords:Business Travel Account, corporate expenses, corporate credit account, business travel, business travel agency, control over expenses

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Trends in marketing communications of the Russian online sites
Pihtina I.N., PhD, docent to chair Management and information technology in the economy The Smolensk Brunch of National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, e-mail:
Klinkova D.V., student of The Smolensk Brunch of National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, e-mail:

Internet promotes the development of the global market and provides the accession of new buyers and sellers. Advertising on the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular way to express themselves and their products. The network offers its users a variety of species. The article provides a list of the most expensive of the world and Russian online sites, and also the budgets of regional advertising campaigns. Found that, despite the lag in the Russian market of e-commerce develop all forms of communication and confirmed by global trends and strategies to promote the growth of advertising activity. Identified and features of the development and implementation of strategies to promote Russian advertisers, including regional.
Keywords: communication, the concept of individual marketing, online resource, brand advertising, website, search engine optimization, banner advertising, online site, latent advertising, contextual advertising, PR-campaign, Rich media, Flash, and JavaScript.

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Marketing of territory: the strategy of small business development
Golubkova E.N., professor, Department of Marketing Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, e-mail:
Sidorchuk R.R., Ph.D., associate Professor, Department of Marketing Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, e-mail:

This article discusses some aspects of regional marketing. Highlighted the role of small businesses in developing areas. Consider the methodology of strategic development of small businesses across industries at the municipal level.
Keywords: Marketing area, regional marketing, city marketing, marketing strategies, small business, SME, SWOT-analysis, strategies.

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Factors influencing the citys brand formation
Groshev I.V., Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Honoured Science Worker of the Russian Federation, Pro-rector, -mail:
Stepanycheva E.V., Candidate of Economics, Senior Lecturer of the Staff Management and Marketing Department of Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin,

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Branding of territory: problems and contradictions
Vazhenina I.S., Institute of economy of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The leading research assistant, the Doctor of Economics, the senior lecturer,

In article the essence of branding of the territory is analyzed. Author's definition of a brand of territory is formulated. Problems and contradictions of modern branding of territories of the Russian Federation are considered.
Keywords: Image of the territory, reputation of the territory, territorys brand, branding of territory

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Formation of marketing strategy of sanatorium-and-spa services
Nalcadzhi .., Ph.d., Associate Professor of management and marketing the Kabardino-Balkarian State University, H. M. Berbekov ", e-mail:
Bezrokova Z.., marketing manager of Hotel Chaika, e-mail:
In the article the problems of forming strategies promote spa services. The main aims and objectives of promotion of spa services. Address brand positioning sanatorium-resort Center. Presents the results of a study of the competitive forces operating at the Spa of the CBD on the basis of the five competition forces model . Porter.
Keywords: Strategy, promotion, spa services, brand positioning, competitive advantage

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Marketing evaluation of a joint innovative educational product in the context of the cluster
Bolshakov N..., Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honourary President, Syktyvkar Forest Institute (branch) of the federal state government-financed educational institution of higher vocational training Saint-Petersburg state forest technical university named after S.M. Kirov, e-mail:
Zhideleva V.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor, Syktyvkar Forest Institute (branch) of the federal state government-financed educational institution of higher vocational training Saint-Petersburg state forest technical university named after S.M. Kirov,e-mail:

The article is devoted to the problem of consumer choice of a joint innovative educational clusters product with the high added value in forestry issues. Marketing approaches of the consumer choice, as well as the structure of innovative educational product and its value-conscious consumer effects, basic principles and targets in innovative product creation, complex functions of the innovative cluster are considered. A model of joint consumer value of the innovative educational product is suggested.
Keywords: structure of a joint innovative educational product, forest cluster, value-conscious consumer effects, model of evaluation of a perceptible value of the innovative product, consumer choice of an educational product.

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Estimation of marketing activities effectiveness of forwarding company in the context of transactional costs theory
Botnaryuk M. V., Docent, Candidate of economic science, department of Economy and management Admiral Ushakov state maritime university,
e-mail: mia

Base notions, as well as peculiarities of organization of effective marketing activity of forwarding company are considered in the article. The matrix of estimation of organization effective marketing activity which will give the opportunity to study marketing costs in detail is offered.
Keywords: forwarding company, transactional costs, marketing activity

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A new record was set by the retailers in the first quarter of 2013
Fedyakov I.V., INFOLine Director General, e-mail:

In 2013 the market of hypermarkets expects a gain on 140 objects
Burmistrov M.B., INFOLine- Analytics Director General, e-mail:

Digital signage - the weapon of restaurant business
Zviozdnaya M.A., marketing Specialist RESTindoor, e-mail: m.zviozdnaya@gmail.com1

The strong analytics will rescue brands
Belyanskaya O.Y., News Factory pr-agency, general director, e-mail:


Interview with Alexander Yakovlev - business director of Microsoft Advertising Russia

Keywords: MSN, Advertising on the Internet, Windows 8, rowser IE10, Sbrbn.

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