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Contents of N5/2014


About strategys notion and strategy position in marketing planning
Glubkv .P., HE Doctor of Economics, Honored Worker of Science, Professor, Academy of National Economy and Public Service at the RF President, e-mail:

Considers different definitions of strategys meaning including the notion of strategy corresponding strategic planning as a whole and strategic marketing planning. Proposed the most full strategies classification with taking in the account different areas of strategy implementation in management and marketing. Concretized the role and place of strategy in strategic and operational planning of marketing.
Keywords: strategy, strategic planning, marketing, strategies classification, strategic marketing plan, operational marketing planning, strategies of marketing mix.

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Classification of factors affecting on market situation formation of goods and services
Moissyeenko I.V., sen. lecturer of the chair of marketing, commerce and logistics Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, e-mail: gold4232
Noskova E.V., Cand. Econ. Sci., associate professor of the chair of marketing, commerce and logistics Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, e-mail:

In article the combined approach to determination of market situation is considered. Correlation of concepts the factors of forming the situation and indicators of market situation is studied. The analysis of approaches to classification the factors of forming the situation is carried out, the general classification of the factors forming the situation is given.
Keywords: market situation, the indicators of market situation, the factors of forming the situation, classification, the factors of forming the situation.

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Risks calculation of advertising placing in mass-media
Shmatov G.A., Ural Federal University, Liberal Arts University, Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, e-mail:

In the article methods of a quantitative estimation of advertising placing risks in mass-media are stated. It is shown that use of media planning theory allows to develop a risk calculation technique of the advertising placing which did not connect with achievement of required intensity of advertising impact.
Keywords: advertising, risk, media planning, optimization, efficiency.

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Geometric shapes as communication means
Shklyar T.L., candidate of economic Sciences, senior teacher of the chair of marketing and Commerce, Moscow state University of Economics, statistics and Informatics, e-mail:
Akimova A.V., candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of the marketing Department of Kyiv University of management and entrepreneurship, e-mail:

The authors of this article has reviewed the use, as a means of communication, geometrical figures. On the economic and political examples demonstrated the impact on the psychology of the consumer. The authors propose to see what the impact is of the essence and role of geometric symbols on the buyer and the voter.
Keywords: Geometric figure, psychology of advertising, a character in politics, a symbol in advertising, marketing communications, insignia, logo, political symbolism, economic symbolism, semiotics, the emblem.

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Features of producing creative advertising (on example of tourist products dvertising for elderly)
Groshev I.V., Doctor of economics, Doctor of psychology, Honor scientist of Russian Federation, professor, Prorector of the Tambov State University G.R. Derzhavin, e-mail:
Mikhailova I.V., Postgraduate student of the Department of personnel management and marketing of the Tambov State University G.R. Derzhavin, e-mail:

The article considers the process of creative advertising, allocated a certain algorithm of creation. On the example of advertising of tourism product for the elderly target consumer group, the authors give an answer to the questions: what should be taken as a basis; how to use specific tools to create advertising images; why should occur interest to this advertising, and, as a result, the demand on the market. Based on these findings, the authors suggest a version of the commercial, as well as the scheme of movement from the idea to the end result.
Keywords: algorithm, imaging tools, the elderly, advertising, property of the object, a tourist product, unique property.

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Sponsorship in the diversification strategy
Zimina T.V., PhD, Professor of Economic theory and economic policy Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, e-mail:

In today's ever-changing market conditions require the appropriate requirements of consumers and society as a whole matching set of marketing communications, including sponsorship.
Keywords: marketing communications, market segments, target customers, sponsorship.

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Development of complex marketing events to promote sports clothing shops, Penza
Molkin A.N., student of the department Marketing and Economic Theory Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, e-mail:
Malyshev A.., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing and Economic Theory Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, e-mail:

The article presents results of research on consumer preferences in choosing sportswear residents of Penza. Based on these results, developed a set of marketing activities on promotion of portswear, as well as recommendations regarding how to take into account the emotional aspects of the perception of consumers to shop.
Keywords: marketing, promotion, sportive goods, consumer behavior.

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Effect of companies rating on the value of their brands (on example of IT-companies)
Panova E.A., post graduate student of Department of Marketing in Plekhanov University, e-mail:

The article gives a comparative analysis of the brands included in the top 10 global IT-companies. Analysis of changes in the value of the brandsconducted on the basis of companies intangible assets estimation. Consider the changes in the rating of the first from top 10 companies in 2012 and 2013.
Keywords: asset, analysis of the companies, balance, brand, dynamics, intangible assets, companiesrating, market.

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Brand and branding of high school: practical experience
Shevchenko D.A., PhD, professor of marketing and advertising, head of Marketing and Advertising sub department IEML of the Russian State University for the Humanities, e-mail:

In this paper, based on the 15-year-old practice in the field of integrated marketing communications, discussed the history and the process of creation, development and promotion of the brand of the Russian State University for the Humanities.
Keywords: brand, brending, integrated marketing communications, brand management, brand equity, public relations, promotion of the brand, effectiveness.

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Introduction possibilities of novations in the packaging of dairy products
Gubanov R.S., candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of Economics of urban and services CHOUVO Moscow University named by S.Y. Witte, e-mail:

This article highlights the problem of choice creative solutions in the field of introduction of innovations in the production and marketing of dairy products; issues of the improvement of the packaging material for sour cream and kefir, cottage cheese; systematic positive factors influencing decisions in the field of innovations in the packaging of dairy products; marked trends of implementing effective innovation processes dairy products packaging; recommended measures on the use of the most appropriate packaging of dairy products, observance of technical requirements for the sale of milk.
Keywords: milk, dairy products, packaging of dairy products, the milk processing enterprises

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Dynamic approach for evaluating the competitiveness of enterprises
Voronov D.S., candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, Ural State Federal University after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, e-mail:

The article considers the existing methods for evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises. Methods has been classified from the point of view of the used criteria of competitiveness. Based on the analysis of their strengths and weaknesses author offers a dynamic approach for evaluation of the competitiveness of the economic entities, enabling the rapid assessment of the competitive position of the company.
Keywords: competitiveness of enterprises, estimation and the analysis of the competitiveness of the company, competitive advantage, competitive factors and sources of competitiveness, dynamic approach for evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises.

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System approach to competitiveness management of the enterprise
Faskhiev Kh.A., Dr. sci. tech., professor of chair of economy, management and marketing Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, professor of chair of an applied hydromechanics Ufa state aviation technical university, e-mail:

The two-level model of management by competitiveness of the enterprise, based on a comparative consecutive assessment at the first step on such integrated indicators as competitiveness of the goods (services), competitive potential, level of the intellectual capital of the estimated enterprise and its competitors, and at the second step on competitiveness coefficient is developed. Techniques of definition of the specified estimated criteria are given. By results of comparison in both steps measures for improvement of the corresponding criterion of the estimated enterprise are taken, the forecast of improvement of individual indicators and calculation of expected value of integrated criterion is carried out. These processes which have been dragged out on time, repeat cyclically until will be provided higher level of competitiveness of the estimated enterprise, than at competitors. Approbation of system approach to management of competitiveness of the enterprises is carried out on the example of two conditional enterprises of a motor transportation complex.
Keywords: enterprise, management model, quality, competitiveness of goods, competitiveness of the enterprise, competitive potential, level of the intellectual capital.

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Marketing land resources in the system of municipal territorial management
Ulitskaya N.Yu., PhD in economics, associate Professor of the Department of real estate Cadastre and law Penza state University of architecture and construction, e-mail:

The article analyzes the theoretical aspects of territory marketing, the key to which is allocated to marketing land resources as a conceptual framework for the management areas.The process of transformation of land resources in a unique territorial product, promotion and distribution of the earth-of the goods on the real estate market.
Keywords: marketing land resources, municipal management, the value of land product, land-development.

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The concept of using e-business and Internet-marketing
Golik V.S., Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor, Department of Marketing, Belarus State Economic University (Minsk), e-mail:
Zhonghua Li, Master of Economic Sciences, Department of Marketing, Belarus State Economic University (Minsk), e-mail:

The use of information technology in the economy promotes more efficient operation of enterprises. The Internet has become an essential tool for successful trading on the local and international markets. New concept in the field of e-business will greatly affect on the future economic development.
Keywords: Internet, concept, e-business, e-commerce, e-government, e-shop, e-exchange, electronic trading platforms, online auction, Internet marketing, investment, technology, product promotion, economy, markets, government, marketing, institute.

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Information control and accounting. Journal of Government service. The Russian Federation. Number 6 (74) -2011. P. 20.



Trading enterprises perspective activities form in the service sector of Uzbekistan
Husanov B.K., the senior scientific employee of the Tashkent financial institutions, Republic Uzbekistan, e-mail:

A trade enterprises in national economy of Uzbekistan have the grate importance. In the opinion of economist trade relations in republic is one of the priority direction for development economy. Uzbekistans Trade relations is an important role between producer and buyer. Organization of the modern management structure of the trade enterprise is a requirement of the present day.
Keywords: trading services, efficiency, developments, trade enterprises, productivity.

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