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Contents of N2/2015


HR marketing management
Babaev A.A., Graduate student of Economic department, Lomonosov MSU, e-mail:

The article considers the fundamental questions of personnel marketing management. Methodological differences of the terms internal marketing and marketing personnel were described. The place of HR marketing management in the organization and its basic components are disclosed.
Keywords: HR marketing, human resources management, internal marketing.

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Marketing research of consumer goods on the example of navigators market in
Penza region
Molkin A.N., student of the 5th course Penza state University of architecture and construction, e-mail:

The paper presents the results of consumer preferences study in the navigators regional market and considers different approaches to market research in the consumer markets.
Keywords: market, consumer preferences, market research, marketing information, manufacturers, navigator, consumer, demand, quality.


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Seven steps of success. How to construct new effective sales department
Ryzov I., negotiating expert, e-mail:

In article questions of construction and reorganization of work in sales department are considered. The attention to questions of selection and training of the personnel, motivation, formation of uniform approach to sales is paid. Article is useful to commercial directors, CEOs and owners of the companies, sales directors.
Keywords: sales department, recruitment and selection, employees motivation, KPI, sales system construction, sales manager, sales.

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Exhibition and fair activities in the Urals: traditions and modernity
Zimina T.V., PhD, Professor of the Department of General economic theory of the Ural Federal University named after first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsyn, e-mail: zimina

The article presents a retrospective of the development of exhibition and fair activity in the Urals. Shown is one of the most important marketing tools in General and promotion in particular in the development of the Urals. Defined the modern features of functioning of exhibition and fair activity.
Keywords: toreki, fair trade, Irbit fair, barter trade, infrastructure of fair, event marketing exhibition event, Congress activities, Ural exhibitions.

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Assessing the economic and communicative advertising effectiveness by retailers
Zaloznaya D.V., Novoshakhtinsk branch of the South Federal University candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer, e-mail:

The article discusses the main issues related to the definition of advertising effectiveness by retailers: factors affecting the effectiveness of advertising, the evaluation principles of effectiveness, types of performance indicators of advertising effectiveness. The analysis of the economic and communicative effectiveness of advertising in retail environments. Showing features of economic efficiency at different stages of the campaign.
Keywords: advertising, retail, advertising effectiveness, advertising campaign, the economic effectiveness of advertising, advertising communication effectiveness, performance advertising.

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Two sides of the same coin. The animals and birds as the symbols
Shklyar T.L., candidate of economic Sciences, senior teacher of the chair of marketing and Commerce, Moscow state University of Economics, statistics and Informatics, e-mail:
Akimova A.V., candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of the marketing Department of Kyiv University of management and entrepreneurship, e-mail:

The authors of this article has considered the impact of the use of images of animals in politics and economy. Different examples demonstrated an overall impact on the psychology of the consumer. Sharing the power and business, marketers are missing. The authors propose to see what the impact is of the essence and role of the symbols of the animals on these two, at first glance, a different vector.
Keywords: The image of the animal, a symbol of animals, psychology of advertising, the images of animals in the policy, the images of animals in advertising, marketing communications, insignia, logo, political symbolism, economic symbolism, semiotics, the emblem.

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Organizational and managerial mechanisms of competitive goods creation
Faskhiev Kh.A., doctor of technical sciences, professor, Ufa branch of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Ufa state aviation technical university, e-mail:

The short analysis of organizational and administrative instruments of ensuring competitiveness of products is given in development stages. Innovative activity of the producer can be significantly increased due to introduction in the company of a control system of the level of the intellectual capital and wheel of innovations accompanying an innovation from origin of idea to a goods conclusion to the market. The offered concept of competitiveness gate is directed to do a product correctly from the first, is based on control of level of economic efficiency, quality and competitiveness of the projected product from a specification stage before sale of goods in the market. Recommendations of application of competitiveness gate are made.
Keywords: goods, development, economic efficiency, quality, competitiveness, innovations, intellectual capital.

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The evolution of marketing complex in hospitality industry
Baumgarten L.V., candidate of of technical sciences, senior scientific. al., Assoc., associate Professor of Department, MUH; e-mail:

The article considers the evolution of the marketing models and the basic elements of the marketing mix of a hotel enterprise as a result of changes in the external business environment. Given a sufficiently detailed description of the basic elements of the marketing mix of a hotel enterprise 4P, 5P, 7P and 9P and established their importance for the hospitality industry. It is shown that in conditions of economic crisis it is necessary to assess the competitiveness of the marketing mix of a hotel enterprise relative to its competitors.
Keywords: marketing, marketing complex, basic element, enterprise, hotel, competitiveness.

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Economic regulation of trade enterprises in sphere of Uzbekistans services
Husanov B.K., Senior csientific researcher of Tashkent financial institute, e-mail:

In this article investigates improvement of management and economic regulation of commercial enterprises in sphere of Uzbekistans services.
Keywords: commercial enterprises, sphere of the services, regulation, management, income.

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Strong and weak aspects of mobile advertising
Considers the different tools of interactive advertising for the most effective brand promotion. It was made forecast of global sells of PC, smartphones, video game consoles, TV, tablets. Shown that mobile advertising is better compare with traditional online advertising in all components from brand recognition to purchase promotion.
Keywords: advertising, mobile, online advertising, brand, promotion, PC, smartphone, tablet, lead generation, digital video, banner, global mobile traffic.

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The importance of long-term effects of advertising on sales On the basis of the source: articles-and-reports/millward-brown_taking-the-long-view.pdf

Considers the questions of long-term effects of advertising. It was shown that long-term effects advertising campaign are important and are fundamentally different from short-term effects.
Keywords: advertising, advertising campaign, long-term effects, short-term effects, sales, advertising awareness and persuasion, brand equity, gross rating points.

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Nature and specific features of the insurance marketing
Nadezhda Dimova, Ph.D., Associate Prof., New Bulgarian University, e-mail:

The application of marketing in various economic sectors has its own peculiarities, which should always be considered. Despite the potential for traditional marketing activities, the majority of insurance companies use modern approaches in the implementation of marketing strategies. Undeniable fact remains that without excellent marketing activity is impossible survival against fierce competition.
Keywords: marketing, insurance marketing, consumer behavior, market.

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Forecasting the demand for international tourism market of Uzbekistan republic
Alimova M.T., a Senior fellow researcher of the department Economic theory, Samarkand State University, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, e-mail:

The article, by means of mathematical modeling methods, examines the main structural trends in the development of the international tourism market in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the post-crisis period. The proposed model makes it possible to predict the volume of demand for national tourist products, dependent on the exposure to relevant environmental factors, as well as the manifestations and impact of the financial and economic crisis on the subsequent figure. Proposed strategic orientations for post-crisis development of the international tourism market in the country founded conclusions emanating from the analysis.
Keywords: international tourism, tourism market, trends, model, regression analysis, financial economic crisis, factors.

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Analysis of foreign experience of territories promotion
Volkov S.K., Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor of chair World economy and the economic theory, Volgograd State Technical University, e-mail:

The aim of this study is to analyze foreign experience of territory promotion and to identify areas of promotion prospects for the introduction of successful experience in the practice of marketing positioning of Russian regions. Based on the content analysis of scientific literature, industry web sites, as well as the personal experience of the author several international methods of territory promotion are considered.
Keywords: territory marketing, place promotion, tourism market, territory brand, marketing promotion tools.

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The using social networks in relationship marketing
Bylina V., Postgraduate, Department of Marketing, Belarus State Economic University (Minsk), e-mail:
Golik V., Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor, Department of Marketing, Belarus State Economic University (Minsk), e-mail:

Reasonable use of social networks enhances the effectiveness of marketing activities and is an important aspect in marketing relationships with customers.
Keywords: Social Media, Internet, Facebook, social media marketing, Internet marketing, relationship marketing, targeting.

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Brief description of the scrap market in the Russian Federation and prospects to replace this resource in steel production
Pleshchenko V.I., Ph.D. in Economics, FSUE Goznak, Head of department, e-mail:

Steady growth of steel output by smelting in electric furnaces stimulates an increase in demand of metal companies for scrap. Since the raw materials market in Russia is characterized by a chronic shortage of supply in the country and sustained growth rates of recent years, steel companies have programmes to develop their own harvesting capacity, and are looking for ways to replace scrap in technological cycle available alternatives, such as cast iron and hot briquetted iron.
Keywords: market, demand, supply, steel industry, scrap metal, substitution of resources, scarce resource, HBI, marketable cast iron.

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Internet audience in Russia in 2014 GfK study
Ketov S., Head of Media Measurement in GfK Russia, e-mail:

Connected cars and car-sharing Gen Y impact on the future of auto

GfK and Yandex.Market study: online shopping in Russia
Fedotov Alexander, communications manager, GfK Rus, e-mail:



List of thesises, defended in 2014, second semester

Limarev P.V., candidate of the economic sciences, associate professor in economics and marketing, Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, e-mail:

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